Heritage Photographs specialises in architectural photography of heritage sites. Run by Sara Rawlinson contemporary photography, Sara loves photographing architecture, is based in Cambridge, UK and very happily travels worldwide.

“Here, indeed, is beauty. Sara has the rare skill of drawing out the intimate, the special, the unique spirit of a place.”

Dame Fiona Reynolds
former Director General of the National Trust and former Master of Emmanuel College Cambridge

Over twenty images and two books have been shortlisted for photographic and literary awards including the Architecture MasterPrize, Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Historic Photographer of the Year, International Photo Awards, and the Rubery Book Award. Works have been invited for exhibitions and are held in private collections around the world. 

“I love [the book, Focused on King’s College Chapel]. The light is superb, an active agent in its own right, especially the dapples and speckles. Not just an adjunct of form… [This] must be the most handsome tribute ever paid to a single building. With its blend of words and diverse visual voices it is an Alleluia Chorus.”

Martin Kemp
Professor of Art History, Oxford

About Sara

photo by Ian Olsson

Sara Rawlinson is a contemporary photographer specialising in heritage photography and abstract fine art. She has had a camera in her hands most days since she was six years old working in the field and in her grandma’s darkroom. This was then followed by a decade in academic earth science and natural hazards. She returned to photography on a full time basis in 2013.

Many photographs and self-published books have received and been shortlisted for international awards. Sara’s works are held in private and public collections around the world. 

A normal day for Sara is balanced between photography and home education of her 11-yr old. Frequent travels involve adventurous locations, home ed, and her camera – the perfect trio. Some of her great loves are abstract art, ashtanga yoga, camping and bonfires, a good book, fresh food, a long walk, family, and fuzzy socks. Her favourite movie quote is from The Contender: “Principles only mean something if you stick by them when they’re inconvenient.”

Sara lives with her husband and daughter in the Cambridge Riverside area and is always on the lookout for new friends, photography collaborations, and interesting exhibition venues.

One of Sara’s favourite anecdotes:
At the Illuminating Cambridge Libraries exhibition, a woman was scooting along the bench looking at the Wall of Texture. She was so engrossed that she literally slid right off the end of the bench, landing on the floor with a thud – and very excitedly came to Sara’s next exhibition. 

Sara is trying to embrace technology and has used ChatGPT for some of the text descriptions throughout the site. Using it was an enlightening experience! Happy to talk about it, please ask!

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