Jesus College

Fine art photography of the Old Library, Jesus College Cambridge presented as part of the large Illuminating Cambridge Libraries series. One of the gems of Cambridge, the Old Library at Jesus College dates back to before 1662. It has been preserved in its original condition ever since, other than the replacement of the stained glass windows on the west side. The library is also the keeper of three chained books (see ‘Chains‘ below). Several photos from this library were shortlisted for Historic Photographer of the Year and for the Int’l Photo Awards, and Winner in Cultural Interior for Architecture Photography Awards (2022).

This photographic collection of the Old Library at Jesus College was photographed in 2017 and contains 69 images, a small selection of which are shown below and available as giclee prints in many sizes.

Created and presented with thanks to the librarians and by kind permission of the Master and Fellows of the College. Click here to learn more about the library.

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